Become an Exceptional Coach.

Graduate with Actual Clients.

Build a 6-Figure Income.

Tell me this…..

Do you see too much separateness in the world, and want to help others find love and connection?

You like your life, but you have a sense you can contribute in a more personal way to the world. There’s a longing deep inside you to help others break through their blocks, trauma, and fears to succeed in finding love, the most rewarding of all human experiences.

As a coach, you get to be the professional who has the blessing of doing exactly this, while being paid handsomely by your appreciative clients.

This certification will...

Teach you the processes and coaching tools that I and my coaches use with our clients every day.

Teach you exactly how to handle every client block and situation, including how to discern which clients you can work with and which you should refer.

Help you know how to help your clients through all manner of dating & relationship challenges, from setting up a stunning profile that draws in the best matches to working through deep childhood trauma that blocks them from finding or receiving love.

Get rid of your imposter syndrome so you can feel worthy and capable as a coach in front of your clients, knowing how to handle anything.

Give you the marketing tools and skills to book discovery calls with potential clients.

Give you the skills to show your prospective client that working with you will change their lives, such that they pay for your services and you can make sales.

Graduate you with direct feedback from the head coach (Mark) from having your client calls and techniques personally reviewed.

Find out more by downloading our information brochure.

The coach training program with Mark Rosenfeld exceeded my already high expectations. I knew I would learn a lot, but his level of involvement and the quality of the training itself blew me away. If you are considering doing this training, know that it will be money well spent. Mark gives 110% of his energy to the group.

Our group of coaches bonded very closely with one another as we watched Mark lecture on important material, we participated in role plays and exercises we would be teaching clients, and we processed all the material we were learning. This program covers so many facets of coaching, I don’t know where to begin. We were trained in teaching flirting and dating skills, inner child work, a host of relationship and communication skills, as well as dealing with imposter syndrome as a coach and a host of other issues. Mark was very focused on helping us understand the business side of coaching too, how to work through issues, pitch to clients, and land sales.

There is no better dating and relationship coach than Mark Rosenfeld and no greater teacher. Every week, we met and went to a higher level of existence by having fun, facing our shadow side, and learning the skills needed to change the lives of our clients. We worked directly with clients on a host of dating and relationship issues, and so we got hands on training.

Mark is a gift to this world. He has developed a specialized system to provide personal transformation and mastery of dating and relationship skills. He has changed my life personally by first coaching me through my divorce, being there to coach me through dating, a new relationship, and an engagement and baby with my fiancé. He has also trained me how to teach other women to get what they want out of dating and not settle.

If you have the chance to work with Mark, seize it! His enthusiasm for his clients is undeniable and his deep understanding of the human mind, heart, and psyche makes him a unique and gifted coach and teacher of coaching. 


Three simple steps to your new purpose & career

Step One


First, you will need to fill out the form to apply. This helps Mark assess if you’re a good fit for the program and will take you approximately 12-mintes to complete.

NOTE: It is recommended you read the information brochure before applying.

Step two

Meet With Mark

If, based on your answers, Mark feels you’re a good fit for the program, you’ll be invited to meet with him for a 25-minute interview. At that stage, he’ll discuss further details, answer any questions you have, and if you’re selected as a top candidate, invite you to join the program! This is the final step before you enroll and begin manifesting your future in dating & relationship coaching!

Step Three

Take Off

The journey begins! Mark will personally mentor you and 5 other coaches-to-be for 8 consecutive months in every aspect of what it means and what you need to know to thrive as a modern, real-world dating and relationship coach. From deep trauma work to marketing and getting clients, you’ll have everything you need to walk away and help others create love for a living.

Is a career in coaching right for me?

If you’re…

Ready to learn and absorb the content and commit to the training

Passionate about helping others, especially around love and connection

Already on the transformation path in your own relationships – working or have worked through the majority of your own trauma

The person who most of your friends and family come to for advice

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and put (with my help) yourself out there

Ready to be paid what you’re worth, based on the incredible results you help people achieve by showing up for your clients wholly…

Then you may well be ready for this incredible career!

This was one of the most challenging, most amazing accomplishments of my life!

It met all my expectations on all levels as the content was jam packed. Well organized and Mark's dedication and delivery was extremely professional. I could tell he was very passionate about what he was doing. 

I felt very supported throughout the whole course and safe to ask questions. Mark always went above and beyond to explain in depth and detail making sure I understood the materials and concepts. The practice workshops and feedback discussions were so helpful and I learned a lot. 

Even as someone who had done some coaching already I learned so many valuable new techniques that will be useful with new clients. I've already used a few with great results!

My heart and mind were expanded beyond what I thought was possible. One of the happiest moments in my life was when I got my certificate in the mail!

Thank you for taking a chance on me Mark! Forever grateful xo


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Not only that, my coaches and I will PERSONALLY review your calls, meaning you’ll graduate not just with the theory, but with real-world experience and practice transforming lives!

You will literally graduate with scripts and confidence using ALL 20 of my most used coaching techniques, full access to every worksheet and exercise I use with clients, sales and marketing skills to find clients, and the inner confidence to know you can change lives and some of your own clients already.

No, it won’t. There are two important reasons for this. 

The first is that I’ve never been asked for it in seven years as a coach by my clients, so I no longer keep up my own registration. I used to think accreditation was useful for credibility, but working in the real world as a full-time coach taught me it simply is not. Your clients care about their results and your integrity, but not your credentials. I do far more 1-1 than almost every big-name coach, and I know that in the real world, this accreditation won’t help you

The second, and by far most important reason this is NOT an ICF-accredited course is because International Coaching Federation techniques are often different from what we do and how we work with clients as dating/relationship coaches. This is why so few courses have this accreditation and those that do need to charge upwards of $15,000. Worse, accredited courses have to significantly water down their content to get the ICF ‘tick’. In other words, I’d have to charge you 2-3x the price and remove 75% of the content because so much of what we do and what I teach as a dating/relationship coach is NOT ICF-compatible. Many of our clients come to us with trauma, need specific strategic advice, or want a plan in advance, none of which the ICF supports. ICF coaching is powerful but only accounts for 30-35% of what we do as dating/relationship coaches. I’m not willing to sacrifice the other 65% to register this course with the ICF. All this is to say that if ICF is your primary goal, this course may not be for you.

Yes, I’ll be certifying you in my methods! I’ll be reviewing your client calls and techniques personally on a weekly basis, meaning I will know exactly what skills you might need to work on before I certify you. I’ll need to be satisfied with your skills (via the end examination) and you’ll need to have attended a minimum of 30 of the 33 learning weeks completely and well as log a minimum of 20 hours with real clients to receive your certificate.

In truth, it’s everything from $0 to millions. Personally, I’ve been doing a 6-figure income for five of my seven years in practice, but I’ve been a slow builder compared to some, and with hindsight, my income could have grown much, MUCH faster. This is why I include the business, marketing, and sales portions of the course because no one ever taught me these pieces and it’s been a SLOW burn to figure them out, time I can now save you. These skills are essential because I know that a coach who graduates without them will be closer to the $0 end of the spectrum!

ABSOLUTELY! Every worksheet I’ve created is yours to use with YOUR own clients in ANY 1-1 setting! This saves you all the work of creating so that you can spend time coaching. It’s ALL done for you! 

Right now, this is not the intention of the course. At this time I have enough clients and coaches, and it’s not what the course is designed for. This course has been designed as a career success course, not job training. As above, too many courses graduate you with coaching skills and not income-generating skills that matter in the real world. These companies then often hit you with their backend offer, usually $20,000 to teach you ‘The business of coaching’ as an addition. This course will give you all that prior to your graduation.

With all that being said, when I do need to hire in the future, course graduates will absolutely be the first place I go. 

Yes, payments can be as low as $1225 per month with regular payments or as low as $350 per month if you’d like to apply for our financing option. Please book a call to learn more about payment plans and options.

Yes, all calls will be recorded. All recordings will be kept strictly private and used only for coaching and training purposes.

Still not sure?

The video below will help you understand what it takes! Watch to learn more about what makes a great coach and if you could be a fit…

And download the information brochure for more information and course outline.

I am so grateful because I have so much more confidence in my ability to be in this space with zero imposter syndrome at this time. I feel totally prepared to do this, and I love having the support of each and every one of you.

And it's not just the content. I love how so many of the practices also feel really tied into what I was already doing. Things like the soul retrieval and UFT and the meditations like being in the energy healing space. It's so tied.

And it just feels like that kind of surprised me the most, that it's so much deeper than I could have ever expected.


It's time to make a change.

Follow your heart and give yourself permission.

It's possible.