I’m Mark Rosenfeld

Australia’s Dating & Relationship Breakthrough Coach For Women

For the past 7 years, I’ve coached hundreds of women just like you. Whether you are working through a breakup, looking for your life partner or pursuing a better relationship with yourself — I have the tools and strategies you need to deepen your connections, increase your fulfillment and sustain meaningful relationships.

Like many men, I struggled with shyness throughout high school and my early years in college.

It wasn’t until (x) that I saw things start to change. Soon after I found myself coaching other men in confidence and dating.

My understanding of the way men process and approach dating was deepened when I took a job as a professional stripper.

Working with men on the opposite side of the confidence spectrum was incredibly eye-opening.

I traveled across the country and various cities as a dancer, and while in a happy relationship myself — interacted with over 50,000 women many of whom, upon meeting, opened up about their own dating lives.

Soon, I began to notice patterns and started coaching women I knew personally. Seeing their transformations was a turning point.

Over time, more and more women came to me for advice.

I founded Make Him Yours to share what I’ve learned to help women stop the frustrating patterns in their dating lives and start attracting the men they deserve.

Nearly ten years later, our coaching, programs and content have reached millions of women and resulted in thousands of success stories.

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