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"Before coaching I was really struggling with believing that I could build a lasting relationship. Mark and Suzanna have offered me knowledge, practical tools and guidance understanding my past experiences. They helped me let go of the beliefs that were not serving me. Now I feel confident that I can build a lasting relationship because I've done the work to make it happen."


"When I reached out to Mark I was desperate to finally find a suited partner. I was tired of having dead end relationships that were nice, but unfulfilling and not a good enough match to last. I was ready to find a life partner. Someone I would actually be truly happy and excited to share life with til death do as part, as cheesy as it sounds.

I reached out to Mark because:

A. He is a guy and I needed the perspective of a man to be able to understand and empathize more with men.

B. He is knowledgable, empowering, supportive, empathetic & absolute FUN!

And let me tell you…

Mark was PHENOMENAL! So much more supportive and helpful than I ever thought! He has absolutely changed my life for the better and I could not be more grateful for that.

With his help I was able to:

→ Clearly define WHO I was looking for.

→ Know how to find & attract them.

→ Successfuly communicate & with men.

→ Calmly & lovingly handle my triggers.

→ Attract the love of my life.

The ultimate result I have achieved is that I am finally in a loving, healthy relationship with a man I truly deeply love & who also absolutely adores & loves me just as I am. I feel confident that me & my partner have all the relationship skills we need to get  through anything life throws at us. The relationship skills I have built with Mark save & guide our relationship every single day. I finally feel calm, safe, excited and at peace. 

Looking back I feel so calm to see that taking the leap finally helped me see how true love exists for me. If you’re considering getting coached by Mark I would say stop thinking and commit to a lifetime of happiness, safety & true love. You deserve it.”


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“I am so pleased I decided to enroll for a coaching course with Mark.   I thought I would be too old but he assured me that I wasn’t and that he believed he could help me.  At 62 with three failed marriages behind me I believed that a happy relationship was always going to elude me and was not something that I would ever achieve.  

My journey started with having seen Mark in one of his YouTube videos and then I bought a copy of his book – Make Him Yours.  That was the start of my transformation.  I decided to approach Mark to see if he could help me to work out why I had never managed to succeed in having a loving, fulfilling relationship.

Mark is so good at what he does. He unraveled all my past and early history. I had such low self-esteem and he made me believe that I could achieve a loving relationship where someone would meet my needs, care for me and step up to be there for me.

Today I am a very different person to the one who watched that YouTube.   I am confident and happy.  I am in a relationship and with my partner we work together and have achieved a loving, stable and happy home life where we take care of each other, we meet each other’s needs and we are able to talk in a constructive way if we do have any difficulties.  I no longer fear that I am going to be abandoned or that I will lose my relationship.  I use all the tools with which Mark equipped me and I will always be grateful to him for working with me.

During my work with him, Mark got me to write a vision for 5 years ahead and what I wanted my future life and relationship to look like.  At the time it didn’t seem possible, but I can say that I have achieved more or less exactly what I envisioned at that time.  I still cannot quite believe that it was possible but I am living the life I wrote down that I wanted.  There was one thing I put down in my vision and that was that my partner and I would be living by the sea.  We haven’t quite got that bit yet but we did recently visit somewhere we liked and we sat on a hillside looking out to sea and both said “I want to live here”.  It is the final piece of the jigsaw. 

Thank you Mark for believing in me, for giving me the tools to transform my life. You are fantastic at what you do and I will always be grateful that I found you.


“I grew up surrounded by people who were reserved and kept to themselves, so I struggled with socializing and putting myself out there as well. I remember Mark nudging me to challenge my limiting beliefs, and even after we finished working together, I still kept using many of the self-improvement tricks I got out of our sessions. It has been 4 years since we worked together and they’ve really paid off! I really feel so much more badass in the way I carry myself. Even my posture is taller, and it’s all coming from within. Somehow, at some point I just started being able to say no and set firm, strong boundaries without ANY guilt at all. And I grew up being the biggest people pleaser! Of course it didn’t serve me well with guys at all. So, I love my new self and I’m so grateful for the self-improvement on this journey!

I’ve also met a wonderful man with whom I’m in the initial dating phase, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I do believe I’ve attracted him because of my new identity, and now I get to practice and hone my newfound relationship skills with him. The quality of men I’m matching on dating apps in general has increased tremendously as well! 

I also now focus on loving, embracing, and being kind to myself, before I put that focus on any man or anything external.”


Should you make this investment in yourself?

Here's what our clients have to say...

"I felt like I was really struggling with dating; I was getting very overwhelmed. I kept on Googling different things and like, “oh, do this, do that”. But having an actual coach and program to work with me has been great.

After the program, I feel a complete transformation.It’s completely changed how I look at everything. I feel a lot more awareness and understanding. 

One of the biggest changes I’ve experienced is the work-life balance. I’ve learned to prioritize myself outside of work and how I feel. Before, I would always prioritize getting stuff done over how I felt – sacrificing myself for the business. Now my priorities are more balanced and I’m prioritizing my happiness. 


“Right when the pandemic hit in 2020, my boyfriend and I broke up. For years, I had developed co-dependence tendencies, idealized my partners, and rushed into serious relationships too soon.

I was so distraught when I found myself in the same position once again, repeating the same unhealthy patterns. I decided it was time to break these patterns once and for all, and enrolled in a group course with Mark. This group course was extremely empowering and insightful.

I learned from and with other women who had similar struggles, and had personalized guidance and support from Mark. I learned valuable strategies and tools to build healthy partnerships, and most importantly, I learned to heal old wounds and prioritize my needs and values. Not only was I able to break bad habits, but I also increased my confidence and self-love. This consequently, had a sustainable impact on how I approached relationships. After completing the program with Mark, my boyfriend and I got back together. Mark taught me how to be intentional with this “second chance” by setting parameters and ensuring we would not repeat the same mistakes. Since then, my partner and I are happier than ever before, nearing our 3 year anniversary. I know for a fact that the reason I was able to rebuild and sustain a secure, healthy, and happy relationship (with my boyfriend AND and with myself) was due to my experience working with Mark.”


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"Working with you has been educational, inspiring, fun, challenging, emotional, at times frustrating (with myself), and most of all liberating. I no longer feel inadequate or stuck!

You’ve given me all the tools and resources I need and more. I also feel incredibly supported and encouraged by you, which is such a gift and a blessing.

A few months before I found you, I had broken up with my ex and was slowly healing through the help of Youtube videos by various coaches. You provided so much valuable advice through your videos and Facebook community. Although the free content was extremely helpful, I was still feeling utterly stuck. I knew I needed to go deeper within myself in order to find the love and relationship that I so desperately wanted my entire life, and that I couldn’t do without professional help.

It wasn’t even a question for me if I should, I knew this was going to change my life through your help and real effort on my part.

Now, I have a new identity and mindset! Although I’m still working on full integration and further growth, I feel my “go-to default” has changed. My brain has been rewired to a healthier state, with important parts of it more developed that help me regulate myself into a more secure, confident, feminine, and attractive version of myself.

I’ve also met a wonderful man with whom I’m in the initial dating phase, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I do believe I’ve attracted him because of my new identity, and now I get to practice and hone my newfound relationship skills with him. The quality of men I’m matching on dating apps in general has increased tremendously as well! 

I also now focus on loving, embracing, and being kind to myself, before I put that focus on any man or anything external.”


“I am so much more confident in kind of navigating the dating world if I need to, and just feel like I have a really strong foundation of understanding the perspective of men in the landscape of dating, and it kind of had a mutually navigate both of our needs effectively, and to not be taking some of the challenges of dating from like a disempowered or more of a victim mindset and to take on.

I’ve also met a wonderful man with whom I’m in the initial dating phase, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I do believe I’ve attracted him because of my new identity, and now I get to practice and hone my newfound relationship skills with him. The quality of men I’m matching on dating apps in general has increased tremendously as well! 

I also now focus on loving, embracing, and being kind to myself, before I put that focus on any man or anything external.”


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“A lot has happened, where to begin! About three years ago I met the love of my life online and after months of talking, I flew out to the United States to meet him. And just like that, it felt like we have always known each other. We skipped first dates, and lived together for three months and decided: we go all in or all out. I flew back to Belgium and the pandemic took over the world. After two years of not seeing each other, fighting over the phone, struggling to cope with it all … we made it. How? I still don’t know, but we did it. Last April, I drove to Brussels airport to pick him (and his fluffy dog) up to finally live together in Belgium. Battling immigration procedures, the stress of two individuals living together, learning new ways and for him, new languages … I’m still very happy that he’s the first thing I see when I wake up. Although the anxious sometimes, because my brain does not register ‘moving across the world for a woman’ as something that shows love and commitment, I realize when I am self-sabotaging.

On the other hand, I bought my own apartment and renovated it just until it was perfect. And a new job as a Content Manager where my writing skills can flourish. A lot has happened, a lot has changed … And if only I knew how good it would get back then.”


“I worked with Mark as a personal coach when I felt lost in life after a long-term relationship. I  knew I wanted guidance, but I was tentative to start coaching until I met him.

Mark was warm, open-minded, and understanding which immediately put me at ease. I had a safe place to talk about and to work through my limiting beliefs. He was non-judgmental and well organized.

Mark knew how to push me out of my comfort zone through targeted exercises, and I never  regretted the challenges. Though some were intimidating, I’m so thankful he encouraged me to push forward when I had setbacks. My resilience and confidence have soared since then. He helped me discover who I am and who I wanted to become. I am now the best version of myself,  and I have Mark to thank for guiding me along the way.”

Claire S.

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“Mark coaching me through a divorce, the dating phase, helping me stay truly focused on what I wanted, and helped me when I met the man of my dreams. He coached me through all of our challenges and I am proud to say we just got engaged!!! He is the best coach out there. He is the perfect blend of wisdom and support, and he challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and go for what I truly wanted. My life will never be the same after meeting Mark – he is committed to creating peaceful and passionate relationships for women. 

I would not be where I am engaged to the most wonderful man without working with Mark. The skills he taught me helped me finally understand relationships. He is worth every penny."


“I had the opportunity to work with Mark and also with Suzanna, and that was really amazing. I got to meet other members of the community, and so that was a really nice supportive environment. The experiential approach with the exercises and the opportunities to practice skills was really, really useful for me because I’m a person who tends to learn by multiple ways, so the fact that the program was so well rounded with so many different ways to learn, like videos, readings, worksheets, role plays, discussions, discussion groups, and then also practicing skills in real life. And then coming back with my learnings was really a powerful way for me to actually see lasting sustainable change in the way I kind of handle myself in all spheres of my life, actually not just dating.

I’ve also met a wonderful man with whom I’m in the initial dating phase, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I do believe I’ve attracted him because of my new identity, and now I get to practice and hone my newfound relationship skills with him. The quality of men I’m matching on dating apps in general has increased tremendously as well! 

I also now focus on loving, embracing, and being kind to myself, before I put that focus on any man or anything external.”


It’s a work in process, but I’ve grown so much already. I feel so much stronger because I have insight to rely on because of these things I learnt and experience completing this program. You gain so much freedom. I feel so much more powerful and free now. Also working with other women is a gift. I’m usually quite shy, but being part of a group is a real motivation. You never give up because you are with others.”


Before doing coaching, I was feeling unworthy of love and not chosen by men I wanted in my life. Coaching was the best thing that happened to me in 2022! The results of coaching have been incredible which has me feeling proud of myself and changed my mindset around relationships and men! I have a clear vision of what I need and what I am looking for in a relationship, I gained skills to help me achieve this goal and I cultivated a mindset which helps me align my actions to my vision! To any woman considering coaching with Mark and his team, I’d say go for it! It is a great experience which will change your life!

Thanks again for everything!!!!!!


“This has been a really life changing experience.  I’m so glad that I decided to do this because I think when I started I just felt like I was so lost and I didn’t have anyone to, like, help me or guide me, and I didn’t know who to ask because I’ve never had a real healthy sample or what, like, a really healthy relationship looks like. My parents didn’t have a healthy relationship, so they’re not somebody that I can go to to ask for advice and so it’s been life changing. 

When I first started, I was having so many problems with my relationship, and we were breaking up all the time, and I didn’t know how to communicate my feelings or how it’s feeling. And I’ve seen the progression has improved so much since that time. We still have our problems and stuff, but this has made the way I communicate to him and the way I communicate in the relationship has made such a huge difference. I don’t think we would definitely not be together if I hadn’t done this program. “


“I was experiencing groundhog days every single day. It felt like I was trying the same things over and over again expecting different results but nothing was working out and I did not know what to do. I’ve learned a lot of things about me that   I’ve never actually recognised or realised that I’ve done in the past. I didn’t realise why I was reacting the way I did with certain men. Why I was pushing away certain people or why I was attracting certain people and what I’ve learned is really understanding that and also finding a way forward and bringing the best in me and attracting the right people. Honestly, this whole thing has been so comprehensive and so eye opening that it’s just made me understand myself in a very different light and also looking at other peoples relationships to see what works and what doesn’t… It’s given me a whole new lens on understanding relationships in general and learning more about myself. I find it easier to eliminate people who would not serve me well and who would have otherwise dragged me down a rabbit hole of stress and expecting different results. Don’t spend any more time just trying to do the same thing over and over again because you’ll get the same results. Go to someone like Mark who knows what he’s doing, get a better sense of why you’ve done the things you’ve done in the past and get a better sense of something that’s actually going to help you to make better decisions and attract the right people in the future.”


“Mark has been very helpful! He always gives me very practical, down to earth advice that I can actually use in different scenarios that is tailor-made to my situation. Another thing is I definitely have a much better understanding of guys from a positive point of view, and also acquired the skill and the confidence to spot attractive guys, to approach them and initiate conversation and hold the conversation, so that definitely helped me.”

Jade S

What are our programs like?

Here's what our clients have to say...

Before working with Mark and Suzanna I was insecure about myself and my emotions. I had no direction in terms of relationships and doubted myself and my thoughts constantly. 

Both Mark and Suizanna have been the most encouraging, caring and flexible coaches who were approachable and took the time to listen to me without judgement regardless of the situation. Working with both Mark and Suzanna has provided me with the courage to stand by the decisions that I make and feel confident in myself enough to no longer be submissive to the negative thoughts,feelings or actions I have and instead allow myself to challenge these without fear. 

I was so hesitant to take the leap and start the coaching program but completing it I have absolutely no regrets. I am so much more empowered than I have ever been and I would say to anyone considering the program to not think but just do. It is the most fulfilling experience which only enriches your life."


“I was looking over our conversations from 5 years ago. I wanted to reach out and thank you! It was this conversation with you that was the beginning of my journey to uncovering how I was holding onto years of trauma. I had been to many therapists in the past which always left me more confused, you hit the nail on the head in a one hour phone call. 


Thank you for sharing your gift with others. I tell everyone about the Australian guy on YouTube that I emailed at 2:00 in the morning on a very desperate night.  You were the start of a beautiful journey of self-healing. I learned to trust the nudges I got and know that there is valuable information to be learned with them.” 


“Make Him Yours coaching program helped me improve my relationship with myself and with my man! What I really loved is that they took the effort to understand my situation to give me customized advice rather than just general advice, because everyone’s situation is different. Through coaching I discovered my self-limiting beliefs and they gave me practical exercises to work on so that I can feel more deserving of love and to improve my self-esteem. When I was going through a breakup Mark and Suzanna supported me a lot during that intense emotional period. They’ve shown me how to process my feelings, my emotions and how to handle my impulsive behaviours. It was a big investment I made for myself and it was really worth doing that.”


Working with Mark has been a turning point in my life. As a subscriber to his channel, I can already tell that he isn’t someone who plays games, he’s someone who is about respect and being mature in all relationships which is important to me.

Mark has helped me tremendously to work on changing my beliefs, building self-confidence, building self-esteem, and facing all of my fears and that’s like a pretty big deal, and it’s a lot of hard work in 12 weeks to work on somebody like that, but I can tell you for anyone who knows me, you know I’ve been single now for almost a year and not dating and this is really surprising to anyone who knows me because I’ve never, never in almost 20 years been single for more than 2 months.

That’s saying something, that is really saying something. It’s actually pretty amazing and you know for the first time in my life, I actually feel good about being independent and do not feel like I need to be in a relationship at any cost. It’s been the most uncomfortable, most uncomfortable, this was so out of my comfort zone.

It has been the most beneficial experience I’ve had in a long, long time

I know it might seem ironic to anyone out there that I would consult a relationship coach to work on my being single, right? But I can attest to this much that having a great relationship with yourself first is going to affect in every way your relationships with your family, your friends, or your love, your loved one or significant other, your partner, the husband you want to have.

I wanted to believe this because it seemed logical, I just never experienced it until now, so being happy with yourself and it’s been like the best, the best year I’ve had in a long time.”