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2 days ago

Mark Rosenfeld

Are you a SINGLE woman who feels successful and empowered in every area of your life except when it comes to choosing men? If you want to attract an EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE MAN who meets your needs, sign up for this free online event – “Attract the Right Man” – hosted by my friend and colleague, Orchid Tao.

Register here: bit.ly/MarkRosenfeld-atrm5

You’ll be able to watch my value-packed interview when you do!


– Raise your sense of self-worth, so you attract and choose high-quality men

– Show up in the right ways that have men see you as the high-value woman they want to commit to

– Date discerningly, smartly, and wisely, so you stop wasting time on wrong men

– Ask for what you need in ways that inspire men to give you what you want (even if you think it’s too much!)

– Stop being a people-pleaser and put your needs first

– Set healthy boundaries, so you get your needs met

– See through BS and save yourself the unnecessary heartache

– Build your confidence and self-esteem, so you radiate and attract

– And SO MUCH more!

I can’t wait for you to see my interview and meet these incredible experts.

Register here: bit.ly/MarkRosenfeld-atrm5

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3 days ago

Mark Rosenfeld

Super excited for this! Get your tickets brisbane! ...

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