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How To Keep A Guy Chasing After Sex

Knowing how to keep a guy chasing after sex just isn’t as straightforward as you’d like it to be. If it was, the topic wouldn’t be one of the most common issues women face on the dating scene.

5 Surprising Ways To Combat Your Jealousy

What’s one of the fastest ways to sabotage your relationship? Consistently giving into jealous thoughts and emotions. While feelings of jealousy are normal, acting on them isn’t going to get you anywhere – especially if they’re unjustified.

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Help Your Partner Be Masculine

Help Your Partner Be Masculine

Many women come to me struggling with men or partners they wish would step into their masculinity. It’s a difficult problem to solve. In this video, I explain exactly how to make it happen without hurting his ego.



What are the SECRETS to getting over HEARTBREAK and moving on from a man who hasn't served you?

If you'd love to know the answer, tune in tomorrow as I go live with one of my favourite humans... HELENA HART!!!

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1 day ago

Mark Rosenfeld

Why do some successful women find love, while others don’t? You’ll get the answer when you join me in the Successful Women Adored By Men show created and produced by Polina Solda.

Grab your FREE seat now: successfulwomenadoredbymen.com/?ap_id=mark_rosenfield

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1 week ago

Mark Rosenfeld

Two weeks until I hit the Novotel Gold Coast!! Can't Wait! ...

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