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Justine-Pic-round “Mark got me to drive out of my comfort zone and now I’m much more confident to get out and socialise and I’m also aware of what I’m worth as a human being. I would recommend him to any woman looking for help with men or finding love – he is a great inspiration and definitely knows what he is talking about!”
— Justine
Liz “Before working with Mark, I was struggling with confidence and meeting men, feeling demotivated and like I was going around in circles. Mark was very understanding, respectful, honest and solid in his morals. People often complain about the price. It’s hard to put a price on your emotional growth. It’s something that 6 months later you say “that really was invaluable”. It’s going to affect me for the rest of my life in a positive way. It’s your happiness and there’s no price for that. I would recommend Mark’s coaching to any girlfriends who feel like they’ve lost their way or lost hope with men.”
— Liz
Jesh “Before working with Mark, I was struggling with meeting men and feeling like there was something wrong with my appearance of personality that kept putting them off. Mark was the best thing that even happened to me 😛 Mark helped me to deal with my insecurities and keep me onto top of my goals without accepting my excuses. As a result of this program I have become a more focused and positive person. I no longer look at the negatives of dating and don’t lament about time wasted on first dates with the wrong men. I have learned where to meet men, how to make myself more open and approachable, and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to move on from men who aren’t giving me what I want. I feel so empowered now I’ve now realised exactly how much control I have over my dating life – no more excuses!”
— Jesh
Darryan_round-real “I would recommend Mark to any woman who is looking to better themselves or their circumstance in any way. Mark was the little extra push and support figure that was there when I truly needed it and was able to re-lift me when I felt I couldn’t go any further”
— Darryan
“If you want to develop and grow yourself I highly recommend Marks coaching techniques 100% for the change you probably need to become the one and only you. The confident strong woman you know you can be.”
— Rachel
“He has a wealth of knowledge about the topics here works in… I would highly recommend Mark to any woman struggling with men in their life”
— Rachel
“Before working with MHY, I was struggling with getting into a healthy dating mindset and not knowing how to meet quality guy and feeling like confused and unsure what to do about men and dating. Mark was so supportive! He was down to earth, helpful and practical. He understands both men and women and gives specific solutions to specific situations and guided me, rather than just telling me what to do. Because of this program so far, I have achieved a better understanding about dating and men and have real, practical skills talking to men and vastly improved confidence and social skills.”
— Jade
“He has a wealth of knowledge about the topics here works in… I would highly recommend Mark to any woman struggling with men in their life”
— Rachel
“Unlike many other coaches, Mark seems to have a well defined base knowledge of relationships and interpersonal psychology. He doesn’t just apply exercises, he understands WHY he is applying them. Mark’s personality, perspectives, energy, are all assets – he’s real and I felt I could connect on a personal level which made it easier to implement the changes I wanted to, as well as made conversations genuinely enjoyable. I know I would NEVER have made it this far without Mark. Having accountability and support like that is invaluable!!!!!! I made a list of all the things I accomplished in those 12 weeks that honestly would likely have taken me YEARS had it not been for Mark’s program. It’s incredible – from career advances, to personal growth, to self-knowledge, to facing fears, to tangible things like small risks I took or classes I signed up for.”
— Erin
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