10 Ways to Make Him Crazy For You

How do you make a guy obsess over you? We’re not talking crazy stalker stuff, but the ability to conjure that feeling in him, that he just can’t get enough. It’s not about playing games, putting on an act or using manipulative tactics. It’s not even about batting your eyelashes, though a little flirting never goes astray.

It’s all about staying true to you, in order to make him crazy for you. Let’s take a look at ten ways high-value women do it.

1. Bring Uniquely Positive Experiences To His Life

Which type of memories do you typically obsess over? Chances are, they include those special moments that gave you positive emotional feelings. The key word here is special. Let’s say you’re seeing two identical guys. The first is a great guy who invites you out to dinner and a movie, has good values, seems responsible and engages in witty conversation.

The second has all those qualities, but he also takes you on unique adventures, talks passionately about quirky interests, blows your mind in bed and randomly stops in the middle of the street for a passionate kiss or two.

Which one are you going to go for?

The second guy is the obvious choice, because of the unique, positive experiences he brings to your life. Not only does he tick most of the boxes, he also gives you experiences no one else has, or can, replicate. It doesn’t really matter what it is that you bring to a guy, as long as they’re positive and authentically you. Perhaps you’re a laugh a minute on dates, you flirt with a unique charm, play video games at three in the morning or make him feel like a man when he’s around you.

Regardless, the more you provide this unique source of positive feelings, the more utterly irresistible you’ll be to him.

2. Project Confidence

If you hate eating on dates, nervously bite your nails in social situations and downplay your strong points, it’s time to work on your self-esteem. It goes without saying that confidence is attractive to men, just as it is to women. This is because when you believe you’re a prize, he’ll believe it too.

“When you believe you’re a prize, he’ll believe it too.”

The only problem is, how do you project confidence when you’re not feeling it? It’s all about working on yourself and remembering how valuable you truly are. Do more of what you love, to increase your natural talents. Dress in a way that flows with your personality and makes you feel happy, regardless of what everyone else is wearing. Practice mindfulness with yoga, meditation and exercise, in order to decrease anxiety and promote a relaxed vibe.

The more time you spend investing in yourself, the more comfortable you’ll feel dating and showing the best you to the world.

3. Be Down To Earth

If you think being ‘down to earth’ is a cliche, you’re not wrong. It’s one of the most popular descriptions to write in dating profiles, as a globally attractive personality type. The thing is, people who really are down to earth don’t have to tell everyone about it. They naturally project an undeniable sense of security within themselves and that’s what we all love to be surrounded by.

How can you do the same? Make fun of yourself when you do something goofy, like fall over, ditz out in intelligent company or fart. Sincerely secure women don’t take their own mishaps seriously. They’d rather have a good laugh about them instead. Being relaxed about yourself and others lets guys know you’re happy with who you are and where you’re at in life, which is a quality no one can resist.

4. Embrace Spontaneity

Even if you’re someone who loves organization and routine, spontaneity adds a spark to your life that immediately attracts men and makes them crazy for you.  It doesn’t mean you have to be that girl who’s always off on madcap adventures. It means embracing a sense of fun, seeking challenges and consistently getting out of your comfort zone.

When a man meets a woman who’s spontaneous, he never quite knows what he’s in for, so he can’t wait for the next experience. What’s more, when you’re not around him, he knows you’re out taking life as it comes, accepting invitations, jumping at challenges and attracting other men because of it.

Boredom doesn’t have a chance to rear its ugly head, when your innate spontaneity keeps him on his toes and obsessing, in a good way.

5. Bring On The Banter

You know how inspired you feel after an intelligent/hilarious/deep conversation with the girls? This is how men feel when they’re in the company of a witty woman and they can’t wait for more of it. However, if banter doesn’t come naturally to you, or you feel shy in social scenarios, don’t worry. You’re certainly not alone.

Practice makes perfect, so get out there and spend time with men socially, even if it’s just at the local pub or park. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll get as you realize it’s not the big deal it appears to be. We’re all just people, in the same boat, with varying levels of issues. The only difference between good conversation and awkward silence, is practice. Don’t put off learning a skill that’ll improve every aspect of your life… and drive men crazy as a bonus.

6. Live Passionately


Nothing throws cold water on fun times like lethargic, jaded or consistently critical people. On the flip side, people who speak passionately, radiate energy and really care about life in general, attract attention in any given circumstance. It’s pretty obvious, therefore, which type of woman makes men obsess.

When you’re passionate about your life, whether it’s a love of gardening, a fetish for purple or a desire to eradicate poverty, you’ll turn men on. Why? Because they’ll feel the enthusiastic energy you express like a bolt of electricity and want to plug in for more, over and over again.

7. Express Your Opinions

Everyone has opinions, but not everyone feels comfortable expressing them. It might be because of insecurity, fear of being laughed at or saying something wrong. Regardless, if this renders you speechless or has you agreeing with everything men say, just remember it’s probably better to put yourself on the line and risk it.

A man likes to be challenged. He likes to be made to think by someone on his level. When you have opinions and stick by them, you’re offering up a challenge he can’t resist. It doesn’t mean being bitchy or deliberately controversial for the sake of it. Just be willing to say what you think and enjoy good-natured debates. He’ll have a huge amount of respect for you, whether he agrees or not, and see you as a next-level catch.

8. Ditch The Agendas


It’s pretty rare for men to find a woman who’s truly in the moment, without trying to push for something, from commitment to weekend plans to a wedding at the end of the year. That’s why it’s so refreshing and utterly intoxicating for a man to meet a woman who’s not thinking ahead.

When you’re not trying to cage him or get anything from him, he’s going to keep coming back to find out why. He’ll think, “why is she so high value that she’s not trying to get me to commit to…x,y,z?” You know what these kind of thoughts lead to anyway? Driving him crazy and naturally falling into the flow of a relationship, because he can’t get enough of you.

9. Keep the focus on you

We’ve already touched on the fact that men like to be challenged, by hearing your opinions and witty banter. To take it a step further, women who maintain healthy priorities are naturally challenging, which has the effect of making men think to earn their catch.

Just remember, that this doesn’t mean you have to play hard to get.

“Don’t play hard to get. Be hard to get.”

In fact, doing so is the opposite of keeping the focus on you, whereby your thoughts are on improving your own life, rather than caging his. Keeping up your friendships, kicking your goals, not cancelling plans for him and staying true to you drives him crazy for you, rather than away from you.

10. Have a grateful attitude

How many times a day do you truly feel thankful for all the little things in your life? Like the sun on your face in the morning, a fridge full of fresh fruit or your comfy bed? When you make a point of feeling grateful each and every day, you project a positive, intoxicating energy in everything you do.

You find random people on the street smiling on you, more joy in annoying tasks and the ability to leap out of bed ready for another day of blessings. Imagine the feelings and experiences you’ll give a man, when this is the attitude you project on a regular basis?

A grateful attitude not only enhances your own life, it’s a sure way to make him crazy for you.



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