Top 10 Sex Positions You Probably Haven’t Tried

You could snuggle on the couch and watch Netflix. Or, you could mix up your sex life and find new erogenous zones to tip you over the edge towards ecstasy. If you’re up for it, try something crazy to test out your coordination or take it easy by experimenting with surprisingly sexy angles. Either way, you can look forward to finding new orgasm triggers and favourite positions to deepen your bond and fire up the routine.


  1. Waterfall


OK, so if you’ve chosen to stay on the couch, this position fits perfectly into your night. This is similar to the cowgirl position, with the added ‘waterfall’ of your man leaning the top half of his body down towards the floor. Depending on the surface you use, you might need to shift your weight to your feet instead of your knees. While he’s enjoying a spectacular view, this angle is likely to hit right on your G-spot, so control the pace to suit you!


  1. Lap Dance


Want to do something fancy for your man that’ll truly blow…his mind? Channel your inner dancer and fulfil his ultimate stripper fantasy. Commit to the role with a sexy outfit if you like, but know that he’ll love it even if you don’t. Pop on some sultry tunes, sit him down in a chair and mount him as you would in a lapdance. Then, throw your legs over his shoulders and let him take control of the pace.


  1. The Peg


To get the gist of this one, picture the reverse cowgirl while you’re both on your side. Unlike reverse cowgirl though, he has a lot more control. Basically, you get all those explosive benefits of reverse cowgirl angles while he takes charge. Meanwhile, he’s loving the great view.


  1. Camel Ride


If you’re pregnant and looking for a fantastic position, this one’s for you, but it pays for everyone to give it a go. Both of you kneel, facing in the same direction, and he enters you from behind. You can bounce on him and he has great access to caress your chest and run his hands down your back for extra stimulation.


  1. Standing 69


According to studies, this is one of the sexist positions for men and it’s in the top ten favourites. For those times when you’re feeling adventurous, this puts a real spin on the 69. Now, it’s a little awkward and you’ll have to make sure your man’s up to it first. You lie on your back on the bed and he lifts you from the bottom, sweeping your thighs over his shoulders. Depending on the relative height of both of your torsos, it’ll be a lot of fun or a complete failure. For the guys…this means don’t drop her.


  1. Swiss Ball Sex


Want to skip your gym workout and get those core fitness points with a whole lot more pleasure than pain? Get your Swiss ball out at home. He sits on it while you mount him and use the ball for momentum. This one comes with a warning though…broken penises are an actual thing and they’re not pretty. Activate those core muscles to keep it safe.


  1. Oral from behind


Men love oral from anywhere, anytime, so why shouldn’t you? Don’t be afraid to switch it up and know that he’ll jump at the chance. If you’ve never had a man go down on you from other positions, different pleasures and sensations await from the angle of his tongue…


  1. The Magic Mountain


If you, like most women, own 50,000 pillows, magic mountain is the perfect way to shut him down for making fun of you about it. Let him know that you could get rid of them or that you could get naked and bend over them later. It’s pretty obvious which option he’ll choose. Ensure he loves those pillows as much as you do by stacking them up for a doggy style that’s more sustainable than the usual way and oh so sexy. Even if you lose your legs in ecstasy, the pleasure can continue as long as he sees fit.


  1. The Spider


Do you have a bouncy bed? This position lets you make the most of it. Place yourself in his lap and wrap your legs around him as he enters you. Once you’re in position, both of you can lean back on your elbows and get into a rhythm with your bouncy love nest to amp up the stimulation.


  1. Sidekick


This one isn’t in the realm of extreme games, but it’s so damn sexy. Lie on your side with your lower leg straight and your top leg bent up. He kneels, straddling and mounting your lower leg while entering deeply as your upper leg is bent up. If he leans back, get set for really primal fast and penetrative action, which can move into a beautifully passionate experience when he leans down to kiss you.


Netflix is looking pretty boring now, right?




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