How To Make A Man Feel Loved

Understanding how men receive love can give you a huge boost in building an epic romantic relationship with one of them.

While everyone is unique, here are five general differences in how men tend to receive love compared to women:

1. Respect His Autonomy.

While both men and women need autonomy, men are especially sensitive to threats to their freedom. Give him space to pursue his individual interests and goals. Don’t ‘obligate’ him to do anything without his content.

Trust him to handle his own affairs.


2. Show Appreciation For His Actions.

Really can’t state this enough. Men appreciate recognition for their efforts and accomplishments at a profoundly high level. Acknowledge and express gratitude for the things he does for you and the relationship, consistently, always.

3. Physical Affection.

Physical touch is huge for most men. It’s the only ‘intimacy’ most men are taught is masculine to desire. Express yourself through hugs, kisses, holding hands, and other forms of physical affection. He’ll love it.


4. Give Him ‘Guy Time’

Men often need alone time to recharge and reflect. Encourage him to engage in activities that bring him joy and allow him to unwind. If you can train him to ASK for this from you when he
needs it without fearing your reaction, even better.

5/ Show admiration and support.

Men appreciate admiration for their strengths and abilities. Recognize and compliment him on his achievements, skills, and qualities – whatever they might be. Do it regularly.
Be his #1 cheerleader. Being useful to you is literally why he was put on the planet.

There’s such power in promoting understanding across the genders. By knowing how to communicate with each other, we can build strong, healthier relationships for all of us.


Let’s bring men and women back together. ❤️

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