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Are you in one of those phases where you’re thinking you don’t need a man? It’s a pretty common one, especially if you’ve experienced a hard time on the dating scene lately. However, other than those brief moments after unsuccessful dates, it’d be crazy to say you don’t need a man at all. As a man, you’d laugh in my face if I told you I don’t need a woman in my life, right?


Previously, we delved into five things you DON’T need a man for. It’s true that you don’t need a guy to validate you as a person, make you happy, give you financial security, make decisions or create emotional stability within yourself. But, no matter which way you look at it, men bring things to your life that you simply can’t get from your girlfriends.


And, you know what? It’s OK to admit it! Be careful of becoming cynical and therefore hiding that alluring vulnerability that’s at the heart of feminine energy. In terms of heterosexual love and seeking balanced fulfilment in this way, we’re all in the same boat. Here are five things you DO need men for.


1. Masculine Essence and Companionship

For a man, there’s a certain companionship and energy that a woman brings to his life that he just can’t get from his buddies. Of course there’s the sexual aspect, but it goes much deeper than that. It’s a feminine radiance that’s a softer, more empathic and caring presence to engage with. Think about how it feels to be in the company of a man, as opposed to your best female friend. The energy is completely different and really can’t be replicated.


You’ll always feel this distinct energetic difference between what a female friend and a man brings to your life, in terms of companionship. For example, imagine how it feels when you laugh at a man and he cheekily throws you over his shoulder. Think about the emotions you experience when you’re anticipating seeing him, or waking up next to him. This isn’t to say the vibe is better with a man than it is with your friends. It’s to highlight the masculine essence that you DO need a man for.


2. Balance

There’s no day without night, up without down or yin without yang. In all aspects of life, masculine and feminine energies balance each other out. It’s important to balance your own energies, so that masculine reasoning and action blend with feminine expression and receptivity in everyday life. However, the beauty of having a man’s energy in your life is that he helps balance you out, while your energy does the same for him.


Let’s think about that cliché of a man who’s basically married to his career. This is an imbalance towards single-minded, driven and focused masculine energy. One saucy look, sensual touch or caring word from his partner can bring him out of narrowly striving for success and into the enjoyment and flow of the present moment.


On the flip side, creative, flexible and nurturing feminine energy can morph into confusion, emotional instability and a lack of focus. Masculine energy helps to ground you and steer you in a decisive direction. While you need to maintain a balance of energies from within, men and women need each other for this beautiful dance of opposing energies in life.

The feminine desire to feel protected by a man is instinctive and – admit it – really nice.

3. Protection

In the world today, women fight battles alongside men, whether it’s in the police force, the army or out on the streets. Therefore, the capability of women to do so isn’t in question. The thing is, failing to appreciate and recognise men as protectors ignores this crucial role that men have played throughout the ages.


For most of history, women have had to rely on men for physical protection, for themselves and their children. Over the last 100 years, men have given their lives in significant numbers as the major protectors of democracy in times of war. The ‘protector’ role of men is undeniable, regardless of whether or not women choose to take this path also.


On a lighter note, the feminine desire to feel protected by a man is instinctive and – admit it – really nice. It’s the comforting hand on your lower back as he walks you to your car. It’s the jumper he takes off and wraps you in on a cold night. It’s the midnight dash to the chemist to get something for your period pain. Women may not need men for protection anymore, but can you truthfully say you’d rather live without it?


4. Masculine Love

Back to the fact that we’re all in the same boat, in that we all want to find love. Even those people who are truly terrified of love deep inside, still want love. Yes, of course you experience love with your parents and your siblings. The love you give and get from the girls is incredible. Men find all this too, along with bro love.


But, let’s be honest – it’s just not the same. You can literally bathe in love from the people in your life and still yearn for the high of polarised love. From those sexy glances across the room at first sight to rainy days cuddling in bed – if you’re a straight woman you need a man to feel romantic, masculine love.


That’s not to say life isn’t fulfilling without it. When you’re filled with self-love and the love of others, it absolutely can be. In fact, it’s crucial to feel, encourage and maintain love within your own life in the first place, to establish a healthy, romantic relationship with a man.


5. Intimate, Passionate Sex

For heterosexual women, this kind of goes without saying. After all, who likes living without sex? ‘Mr Happy’ in the bedside table drawer scratches an itch, but no matter how many innovative sex toys join him, nothing beats good sex with a talented man. When you add the energetic, emotional, physical and mental connection that comes with passionate sex, that rechargeable rabbit is…well…just a rechargeable rabbit.


Next time you feel yourself spiraling into the, ‘I don’t need a man’ cycle, take a moment to consider what you’re manifesting. If you’re constantly defending your ability to give yourself everything you need, you might be pushing away the vulnerable, receptive side of yourself that attracts some of the best qualities of the man of your dreams.


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