7 Sexy Surprises Men Love

When it comes to spicing up your love life, there’s nothing that’s going to make your man happier than an unexpected – and very sexy – surprise. If you want to ensure you’re always the woman he fantasises about – why not do some of the things his fantasy woman would do?

1. Lingerie depositphotos_5853556_l-2015optimised

So simple – yet I still meet many men whose girlfriend has not granted them the pleasure of seeing her in a beautiful set of lingerie. When a man gets the exclusive pleasure of seeing you dress this way – just for him, it sends his brain into a spin of lust, reminding him of one of the many rewards he gets by having you as his girlfriend.

The fact is, he already knows what you look like naked, so while you might feel insecure because you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model, the reality is that’s the last thing on his mind.

If you can’t remember the last time you surprised your man with a nice new set of lingerie, you’re missing out on one of the simplest and most effective ways to be his fantasy.

2. Striptease/Lapdance.

If you really want to give your man a treat, depositphotos_12485764_l-2015optimisedbe his own personal stripper. Sit him down, then move, grind and lapdance as you unwrap yourself to nothing. Make use of that new lingerie as your final layer. I’ll guarantee none of his mates’ partners have done it for their men, and he’ll think himself the luckiest bloke in the world.

3. You Initiating Sex

Men are used to being the initiators who kick things off and move things forward.

But if, week in, week out, this is the only pattern, there comes a point where a man wonders “Would this even happen if it weren’t for me?”depositphotos_123729338_l-2015optimised

If he starts to suspect it wouldn’t, it makes him feel unwanted, unattractive, and like he no longer does anything for you.

If you want to give him a surprise he’ll love while letting him know how sexy you find him, then show him, every once in a while, how much he turns you on. Initiate sex when he isn’t expecting it. You’ll make him feel like a man and guarantee he’s going to keep wanting to jump you.

4. Spontaneous Sex – depositphotos_21105389_l-2015optimisedOutside the Bedroom!

If you want to surprise him, then it’s about doing something he isn’t expecting. Initiating sex in the bedroom is one thing – but what if you were to initiate a quickie… elsewhere?

I can’t think of anything sexier a woman has done for me than surprised me with “I want you – right here, right now” and I know many men who share the same sentiment. If your goal is to be the most mind-blowing girlfriend he can imagine – spontaneous quickies will leave him the envy of every man he knows.

If you’re not feeling confident about spontaneous quickies, there’s a wonderful book by Joel D Block called The Art of the Quickie: Fast Sex, Fast Orgasm, Anytime, Anywhere. It’s about spontaneous sex and ensuring you enjoy it just as much as him.  If you’re a little unsure about sex outside of the bedroom – it’s well worth the read.

5. Role Play A Fantasy

depositphotos_1784631_l-2015optimisedIt’s old school, but it works. Surprising him with a policewoman, schoolgirl or maid outfit is always going to be a winning strategy when it comes to making your man happy.

You’ll usually have to do this one in 2 parts – the first step is finding out what his fantasy is. Don’t overthink this – just ask! See what he’s done before, what he hasn’t done, and what he loves the idea of. Don’t give too much away though – ask in an off-the-cuff manner, then for the next few days, act as though you’ve forgotten about it. That way, when you stroll in two weeks later wearing it, he’s truly taken aback.

If he doesn’t seem to have any fantasies or seems shy about sharing them, you can always suggest some of your own.

If bringing up your own fantasies makes you nervous, tell him about them in the context of ‘dream you had’. “Sooo – I had this dream last night where you… (insert fantasy). It was actually really hot”

6. Spontaneous Blow Job

Let’s be honest: We knew this one was going to be here. Remember, men are used to having to initiate and get you riled up before you want us. It’s an absolute fantasy to find you want us – this badly – without any prior warning.depositphotos_29001591_l-2015optimised

An alternative – if you’re feeling extra loving – is to warm him up first with an unexpected massage. There’s no way to better relax your man after a big day than a massage with a little something extra at the end.

7. “If you want it – come get it”

Finally, here’s a sexy little surprise that combines a few of the above. I first heard about “If you want it, come get it” from a friend, and considered it to be one of the simplest and sexiest fantasies I’ve ever heard of.

Get your man out and about. A park, a picnic, a walk. Somewhere low on people and rich in plant life. Then, get him riled up. Whisper in his ear about all the naughty thoughts you’ve been having. Tell him about fantasy you’ve been thinking about. Let him know you’re not wearing any underwear…

He’s hot under the collar. He wants more. Soon, he’s telling you he wants you right there…

That’s when you tell him “If you want it – come get it” and dart off into nature! You’ve already got his testosterone surging, and having to chase you will only get his blood pumping more. He gets to chase his catch – then do what he wants once he’s got you. What he does once he finds you is anyone’s guess – but I guarantee he’ll enjoy it.depositphotos_5009263_l-2015optimised

Many women let their own insecurities get in the way of doing something surprising, spontaneous, and incredibly sexy for their man. Fear and insecurity is the enemy of fulfilment. If you’re a little self-conscious doing some of these things – that’s ok. Hell, that’s normal. But don’t let it stop you. If you’re serious about blowing his mind, building confidence by pushing through your insecurities will truly make you the woman of his dreams.




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