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How To Be Feminine And Radiant To Men

How often do you nurture your feminine energy? If you answered, “not often,” it’s not surprising.  After all, we live in a predominately masculine world that’s often defined by structure, rigidity, aggression, logic and planning. Given that men and women need a balance of both energies for optimum living, this makes for a pretty confusing dating scene and also creates havoc in relationships.

That’s because, for attraction to occur there must be polarities. Magnets only attract if they’re polarised and it’s the same with people. In other words, if you want to attract a man with a masculine core, you need to allow and nurture your feminine core.

The Importance of Balanced Energies

After a long day at work, have you noticed that when you get home, you’re still in action, decision-making and problem-solving mode? Maybe you’re devising a menu, catching up on washing, scheduling in drinks with the girls or rushing back out the door to hit the gym. This gives you an indication of how much time you spend operating in the masculine energy of ‘doing’ things, with practically no time spent simply flowing in the moment.

That’s an imbalance because flowing, feeling, receiving and connecting to the moment is at the very core of being female. In society today, women spend so much time acting in masculine energy, that the feminine side gets left behind. In fact, sometimes it’s entirely forgotten and that can be a serious issue when it comes to dating and relationships.

To achieve balance, it’s important to understand that it’s perfectly natural to feel feminine, act feminine and thoroughly embrace your core energy. You’re entirely capable of dropping into feminine energy, while still being successful and getting things done. Men also need to do this, in order to feel fulfilled. Think about it this way, if no one ever utilized feminine energy, we’d be little more than robots, living a very productive, but empty existence.

Feminine energy is at the very heart of your existence. Nurturing it to maintain balance between the two, enhances every aspect of your life. Here’s how to do it.

Practice Being Present

Masculine energy is future oriented and this drives us to get things done in a logical way. Feminine energy is present, allowing for the ebb and flow of the moment. It’s within the present moment that we experience the feelings and emotions that bring colour and meaning to life. If you’ve ever been through one of those phases where you feel numb and uninspired, even in the midst of a seemingly successful life, that’s a taste of not living in the present moment.

There are hundreds of ways to practice being present, with meditation at the top of the list. Join a class to learn, if you haven’t already, and don’t miss a day without a session. Other ways to practice aligning with the present moment include mindful eating and getting into the ‘zone’ by doing something you’re passionate about. You’ll know you’re utterly present when time simply disappears and you feel clear and inspired. A stupid grin on your face is a good sign too.

Enrich and Invigorate Your Senses

One common problem with operating too much from masculine energy, is that life can get quite bland. White office walls and fluorescent lights do little to enhance your mood, eating on the run deprives your tastebuds and having no time for relaxation numbs your enthusiasm for life in general.

As a woman, your senses and intuition are well beyond that of a man, so take the time to enrich them. Listen to music you love while having a bubble bath. Get out into nature where you can see, feel, hear, touch and smell the Earth, to stimulate your senses. Light those candles, fill your home with flowers, nibble on that chocolate and indulge your desire to feel invigorated, each and every time it rises.

Give Your Body Freedom of Movement

If the masculine is the tree, then the feminine is the wind moving through the trees. The feminine is about movement and the flow of energy, so it’s vitally important you nurture this energy physically by moving your body. This isn’t about going to the gym or sticking to a strict boot camp regime (though by all means do that if it feels good).

It’s about allowing your body to move freely within feminine energy, in a way that feels totally unrestrictive.  Singing and dancing freely to music are fun ways to move energy within your body. Yoga, pilates or even a massage help to take care of your body and also allow energy to move.

Switch up Your Wardrobe

An often necessary evil of living in a masculine world, is uniforms. Whether they be suits, corporate pants, collared shirts, boring designs or unattractive colours, they push your energy towards the masculine via sheer non-creativity. If you have to wear restrictive clothes like this on a regular basis, make a point of doing the opposite when you can.

Your feminine style is unique to you, so it doesn’t have to be all pink, florals and flowing maxi dresses. The point is to wear clothes that portray your own style and personality, that feel beautiful on your skin and give you a sense of freedom when you’re wearing them. When you’re choosing an outfit, think about how the colours make you feel, how soft the material is and what aspect of your feminine side you’d like to highlight.

Make Time for Creating

The feminine gives birth to life and form. It’s an energy bursting with creativity and self expression. Any man will tell you how different his house looks when he has a woman in it as opposed to when he doesn’t, and it’s an example of how the feminine creates and radiates within the world.

Make time for creativity in your life, at least once a day. If you don’t currently have a hobby or passion, anything and everything can be turned into a creative pursuit, when you’re operating from feminine energy. For example:

Don’t just cook dinner – prepare a masterpiece so your taste buds can explode.

Don’t just water the grass – design a spectacular flower bed.

Don’t just drive with commercials on the radio – pump your favourite tunes and sing.

Don’t just be presentable – decorate yourself, your house, your car and your life.

Be Playful

Youthfulness is attractive. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 80, if you have an ‘old’ attitude and seem worn by the world, you’re going to be less attractive to men. On the other hand if you have a youthful attitude and are brimming with energy, men can sense the youthfulness and health you exude from every cell, and are going to find themselves attracted to it.

Flowing, feminine energy is the very definition of playful and playfulness happens in the present moment. Think about a three-year-old laughing just because she’s starting to run. There’s nothing else in the world going on in her mind, because the present moment is all about the feeling of running. Now, think about grandma running with her, wearing a colourful dress, hair blowing in the wind and also laughing in complete joy. Grandma or not, that’s an attractive woman. Youthfulness is not in age, it’s in the present moment and your attitude to life.

“Youthfulness is not in age, it’s in your attitude to life.

Spend Time With Other Women

No matter how much you love a man, spending time with him can never restore your feminine energy in the same way as hanging out with your girlfriends can. Ditching girlfriends in favour of a man is a common mistake many women make and almost nothing depletes feminine energy more.

When women are together in a supportive, loving environment, they empower each other to drop into feminine energy completely. There’s no need to do anything other than flow with each other’s words, actions and feelings. Therefore, feminine energy overflows and brings an indescribable happiness. Make a sincere effort to nurture your female friendships or go in search of your tribe, if you haven’t found the right friends yet. You’ll know who they are, because there’ll be no pretence, no jealousy and no judgement within the circle of your collective feminine energy.

Practice Receiving

The penetrating energy of the masculine and the receptive energy of the feminine isn’t just about sex. It’s about the way you open yourself up to a man and in all areas of your life. Practice receiving on a daily basis and understand that it’s actually masculine energy that’s ‘giving’, though women tend to suffer more by ‘over-giving’ in life.

“The penetrating energy of the masculine and the receptive energy of the feminine isn’t just about sex. It’s about the way you open yourself up to a man and in all areas of your life.”

For example, when someone buys you a gift or offers you help, accept and receive it. When your man looks at you or touches you, consciously practice receiving it and letting it affect you. If you struggle with this, think about buying someone you love a gift and watching them open it. Would you rather they said, “don’t buy me gifts, just take it back,” or “thank you so much, I love it!”

Let a Man Lead You

Just because you know you can lead, doesn’t mean you always have too. If you’re in the habit of always leading the men you date, seriously consider this for a moment:

Wouldn’t you love it – deep down – if you could find a man you didn’t have to lead all the time? A man who took initiative, asked you out, fucked you without you having to lead the whole process for him?

If your answer is yes, you’re not weak. You are, in fact, connected to your feminine core. Letting a guy lead you sometimes, means you’re being more receptive and vulnerable – and vulnerability is a strength. When you let a man be the man at times, your feminine core relaxes and you feel the bliss of allowing it. Meanwhile, he finds it irresistibly attractive.

Connect With Your Sexuality

Fortunately, we’re all finally ending the shame that’s been put on feminine sexuality for far too long, but we’re not there yet. Part of connecting with your feminine energy means embracing the incredible sexual side you have within you. For example, there are many women who have never experienced a vaginal orgasm, especially during sex.

The reality is most women are capable of it. Attending workshops or asking for professional help is the first step in banishing negative beliefs you may have been taught about female sexuality. Part of nurturing your feminine energy is connecting with yourself sexuallly and allowing yourself complete freedom of expression, in every way.

It’s that flowing, feeling, receptive energy that radiates out to men and captures their attention…as well as their hearts.



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