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6 Things You Worry About That Men Don’t Notice

6 Things You Worry About That Men Don’t Notice Imagine adding up all the days you’ve spent worrying about details that might dramatically change your dating world. Think chipped nail polish that seems likely to destroy an entire outfit, or a tiny zit on your bum that...

4 Myths About Love It’s Time To Let Go Of

Knights in shining armour, Prince Charming and Lancelot are fun to read about, but they’ve got a lot to answer for. In this weeks blog post, I’m discussing 4 childhood myths about love that are silently sabotaging your success as an adult.

7 Surprising Reasons You’re Lucky To Be Single

As a dating coach, many women come to me unhappy with the fact they’re currently single. The problem? People are at their most attractive when they’re happy right where they are. That’s why, in this week’s blog post, I discuss 7 big reasons to appreciate single life while you have it.

7 Completely Invalid Reasons To Talk To Your Ex Post Breakup

7 Completely Invalid Reasons To Contact Your Ex After Your Breakup It’s over. Whether he broke it off with you or whether you called it quits, he now wants nothing more to do with you. And you feel horrible. Maybe you want him back. Maybe you don’t, but you still feel...

How To Make Him Want A Relationship With You

How do you balance showing a guy what a great girlfriend you’d make, without giving it all away? In this week’s blog post, I explain the healthy balance that means you won’t have to resort to playing hard to get.

How To Tell Him What You Want In Bed

It’s no secret that to the male ego, sex can be a sensitive topic. So how do you encroach on the subject when you’re feeling like it’s not all there for you in the bedroom? In this week’s blog post, I show you the process I teach to my clients to perform this tricky task.

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