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10 Foolproof Ways To Stop Getting Played By Men

10 Foolproof Ways To Stop Getting Played By Men Do you have a habit of getting played by men? If so, you know the guy. He’s the one who’s always vague about plans, hides his phone, only communicates on his time and jumps straight out of bed after sex, no matter how...

10 Signs You’re In A Controlling Relationship

10 Signs You’re In A Controlling Relationship  A controlling relationship tends to sneak up on you like a bad habit you’ve formed over time, but only really noticed after it caused real damage. Compare it to eating unhealthy take-out a few times a week, which doesn’t...

How To Ask A Guy If He’s Single

Just thinking about how to ask a guy if he’s single can be pretty cringe-worthy. It’s often easier to talk yourself out of even trying, to avoid looking desperate. However, if you’ve just met a guy – or maybe you’ve known him a little while – there are ways to do it, smoothly and subtly.

How To Be Feminine And Radiant To Men

Magnets only attract if they’re polarised and it’s the same with people. In other words, if you want to attract a man with a masculine core, you need to allow and nurture your feminine core.

Who Should Pay For The Date?

You’re on a date, you’ve just finished the last sip of wine and the bill arrives in the middle of the table. What’s the right thing to do?

Toxic Male Dating Personalities – The Addict

Toxic Male Dating Personalities – The Addict  Just as the word suggests, ‘The Addict’ is one of the most toxic male dating personalities to come across. Whether it’s toxic substances or behaviours, a man in the grip of addiction is second only to one who’s physically...

How To Make A Guy Jealous

How To Make A Guy Jealous If you could make a dollar for every time a girl typed the search term, ‘how to make a guy jealous’, you’d be living footloose and fancy-free on a private island, with a private jet. Why? Because, the sad truth is, that in the short term...

How To Instantly Tell If A Guy Likes You

The easy answer to ‘how to instantly tell if a guy likes you’ is that you’re on his mind all the time! The not so easy part is determining whether or not your new guy is thinking about you – so let’s discuss how you can tell.

How To Help Him Share His Feelings

There’s no doubt about it, getting a man to open up and share his feelings can feel like you’re emotionally banging your head against a brick wall. Even if a small crack appears on the surface, he’s likely to run away from the conversation before it gets too deep. Here’s how you can help.

What to Do When He Says He Needs Space

“I need some space for myself,” he said. These six little words usually arrive out of the blue and plunge you into a world of confusion. So what should be your next move? There are four steps you can do right now, to bring him back.

Top 10 Texts Not to Send

Texting can be a fun and spontaneous type of communication with your friends, but there are certain texting sins that can make or break your relationship with a new guy. Let’s discuss the top 10.

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